Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haunting the 100 Acre Wood

Yesterday at the craft store to pick up some floss and linen for my "Do Unto Others" cross stitch (yes, readers, it came!), Katie found the Halloween aisle and was enamored of a dancing mummy. She really wanted to take this mummy home with us---and even braved passing a scary life-size witch twice to see it---but with an on-sale price of $79.00 the dancing mummy had to stay at the store.

So today we decided to make our own mummy: a Piglet mummy!

With a roll of toilet paper and one of our Piglets in hand, Katie is ready to begin the mummification of Piglet...

Mummy Piglet is ready for action! He has a good month or so as a decoration ahead of him!

Later the kids napped (again simultaneously---that's twice in the past week!) while I worked on my cross stitch. I love my new project. I am using a 28 count linen, stitched over two...so my eyes are adjusting, but I actually made quite a bit of progress today on the apple tree in the middle.

Then we started our dinner preparations: we are having pork shnitzel topped with sage-walnut pesto, creamy mashed sweet potatoes with caramelized apples, and corn from our garden.

Katie picked the corn...
...but it was very difficult!
We got it in the end, though!

This morning the kiddos cuddled in Eric's room:

I love these little people so much! Eric is getting bigger each day---time is going too fast! Slow down, Time!