Sunday, April 5, 2009


Katie and I love to be at the park together. We usually start with the swings, and we sing our "Katie and Mommy" song:

It's Katie and Mommy,
And Mommy and Katie,
And we always swing together
Wherever we go.

I love you more than measure,
And we'll always be together.
I love you, little Katie,
I love love you so.

We go backward and forward,
And forward and backward.
You are my perfect lady,
My little Baby Kate.

And so on...I make up more verses as we go.

After the swings, we walk across the grass to the sand and the slides. Kate loves to dig, and recently I found some sea creature toys in our garage that I had kept at the end of the year when one of the seniors did not pick up a final project. It didn't make much sense to throw away good toys, so I just took them home. I figure that if she ever contacts me about wanting her toys back, I will have them...but that seems unlikely. So now we take a whale, an octopus, Flounder and Sebastian (from The Little Mermaid), a Mommy Shark, and a Baby Shark with us to the park.

Anyway, Kate and I created a new game about a week and a half ago. I bury her sea creatures in the sand with some of their parts sticking out. We call this game "Archaeologist." After I get all of them buried, Kate tries to find them and to unearth them.

She is digging for Flounder; the game has begun!

Kate gets really proud when she finds one!

I see a that the octopus?

Look what I have found!

We have fun with "Archaeologist." It helps to hone her powers of extrapolation and hypothesis-testing. She keeps getting better at it, which is always a joy to see.