Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wild Animal Park and Butterlies

Last week Kate and I gave Grandma one of our guest passes to the Wild Animal Park, because we all three wanted to go see the butterflies in the temporary exhibit. Grandma was the first to learn that the park was hatching butterflies, and so we wanted to take her with us. It was another beautiful day at the park. With the annual pass, I can arrive after Kate has breakfast and leave as soon as she starts napping---without feeling like I have to rush to see everything or as though we can't return soon. I can definitely see the appeal of the annual pass concept now.

Pictures from our day:

We had to trek a ways, but we finally found the elephants after cutting through the Conifer Forest. There was a baby elephant following her mother around, which was really cute to watch.

This is the balloon Kate adores. It actually has bigger appeal than some of the animals for Kate. It can be seen from all of the lower park, so it can be a bit distracting. We ate our packed lunches on a bench right by it so Kate could enjoy it more. She loves to wave and say "hi" to it.

I could seriously watch the gorillas all the livelong day. They were a bit more active on this visit. And we could definitely identify the Alpha.

We are observing giraffes. Looking at these pictures is making me want to return right now...

Katie June is looking upward for more butterflies. Butterflies with wings of gossamer white. Butterflies of the most vibrant iridescent blue. Birds of teal and lime green... It was magical...

Butterflies were flying overhead. Pretty pretty butterflies. We were so lucky to see them.

There is actually a butterfly on that plant. Can you see it? Kate seemed to delight in spotting them...particularly the one that landed on one man's behind. She actually was so amused that she laughed.

Kate fell asleep soon after the buttefly exhibit, the thing of dreams. She cuddled with Meerkat, a present from Grandma.

Good night, wild animals!