Monday, August 31, 2009

So Many Blessings

I am so thankful for the life I have with my family and my friends. I am filled with such gratitude that often I feel a bubbly happiness rising up from my heart. This is a time of change for me as I open myself to the full amazement and awe I feel as I watch my daughter and reexperience the world with a child's wonder. I know that life is so much vaster than we can hold in our minds and that, with all the balance of good and evil on this earth, sometimes we just need to believe that ultimately life is truly good and transcendent... and that our purpose here is to be one of love. Everyday I work on driving away my pride and arrogance; motherhood is a totally joyful and humbling experience. Just when I think I have it somewhat figured out, I find I don't at all. Other times I am surprised and encouraged when I see lessons like picking up and helping taking root and becoming part of Katie's behavior.

Katie everyday make me laugh happily with her thoughts and words. I am going to be more vigilant now about writing them all down in our little notebook. She is talking so much now that it is difficult to catch everything. Today she woke up from a morning dream, looked around her, and asked, "Where did the mermaid go?"

Later, I was changing her diaper and asked her a silly question from The Wizard of Oz: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" She gave me a puzzled, bemused look. I said, "Mommy's silly, huh?" She replied, "Just like Daddy is." Ha ha ha.

We went to get adult flu shots (meaning none for Katie) from the pharmacy today with Amie and Boppa. We wanted Kate to watch it all, so that she could see we weren't scared or hurt. I made myself smile the whole time. She cried out in concern watching Boppa and I get our shots, but then she seemed fascinated watching Amie get her shot. When the nurse said it was time for Amie's shot, Kate said, "Sorry, no!" But then she was fine watching it transpire.

On the way home from frozen yogurt, Boppa taught Katie a new refrain, "No property taxes!" Kate kept repeating it and we were all laughing. Then: "No socialism!" She said it and squealed in delight. It was pretty funny. I know that David and her Great-Uncle Eric would have been wheezing with laughter.

We have also been loving up all the time with the (rechristened) Tuna Cat. I think she considers herself ours now. We bought her a little feeding bowl, which we decorated, and we feed her everyday. She seems to like to hang out in our backyard and would come in if she could... We draw her pretty pictures around her bowl area with sidewalk chalk. Today she played with us after our walk and before Katie's Toddler Time class.

On Friday we were so grateful to spend time with the Bergon ladies. Lauren is such a good mom and so inspiring. She has really done so much more substantial reading and thinking about being a mom prior to Madeleine's birth, and she has been amazing with the nursing. I love talking with her, and Madeleine is the most peaceful young lady and so alert!

We had a quiet weekend this weekend, as Bill continues to readjust to work. Can't believe it is September tomorrow. August went by in a whoosh!

Love to all and joy in your hearts!