Thursday, September 24, 2009

Library Story Time

Katie and I were able to share yet another beautiful day together. I am so thankful for time with my daughter---specifically, I am so thankful for a husband that supports our home financially so that I may have this time to raise our child and to try my best to support our home from the inside. There really is no reason I ever should have to complain---and mostly I don't---but every now and then I get caught up in feeling harried or impossibly pefectionistic. Mostly though, I am just so appreciative of being able to stay at home with Kate and to have these memories with her.

I really had no idea about the stay-at-home mom and child world that is apparently quite robust in Temecula and the surrounding area. There are so many activities for us to do if we want to: toddler class, library story time, music class, etc. Who knew? It has been a joy to discover this world with Katie.

Although we can't go every week (because sometimes Thursdays are our days to see family), Thursdays are marked for toddler storytime at the public library. We get to sing songs and recite rhymes and listen to a few books read aloud in a special children's reading room right off of the children's stacks. Katie is always so good. She listens to the instructions to stay seated, and she always does---even when other children aren't doing so. May she always do the right action, even in the face of peers doing otherwise! I always tell her over and over how well-behaved she is being. After story time, we read some more and poke around the stacks for other books to check out.

Here, Katie is ready for the day. We are heading the mailbox to mail her birthday invitations:

Katie has just petted Tuna Cat and is ready to leave for the library:

Katie decided to look at some Beatrix Potter books (currently a favorite---she especially loves The Tale of Peter Rabbit):

Today we read The Tale of Tom Kitten a couple of times:

After we returned home, we played chase around the house for awhile. She has actually been pretending to be Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid the past few days. She likes to act out the scene in which Prince Eric is on the beach after Ariel saves him. She calls it "Prince Eric napping" and she likes for me to check that she is breathing and to sing Ariel's song to her.
We also listened to music and did some cleaning of the downstairs.
Then we made two desserts for the Toastmaster's district Tall Tales competition (to be held tomorrow night). We made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and peanut butter shortbread and jelly bars. Both are Barefoot Contessa recipes, which are always tasty.

Other than that, it has been a slower day. We tried to play outside before supper, but it is still QUITE warm!
Until next time, peace to all!