Friday, September 25, 2009

Pumpkin Days

This is my favorite time of year, and it is made a thousandfold more magical as I see Katie revel in all of the delights with me.

Our craft for today:

We folded several pieces of orange construction paper accordian-style and then added black and yellow construction paper for the face and brown and green shapes for the stem and leaves. Katie helped to glue the orange pieces together, and we made it together on the floor. It now hangs from a hook above the kitchen table. When I put it up, Katie waved at it and blew kisses. We put a face on both sides so that any way it turns, we will still see a face. It was a fairly easy craft, and we love making things together!

I also showed Katie how to cross-stitch a little today. I let her pull the needle through several times and helped guide her hand to put the needle in a square. She seemed to enjoy that...

Tonight we made mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey---Bill's favorite meal---to celebrate Friday and to celebrate the deepening autumn.

Life is good.