Saturday, January 30, 2010

Afternoon Crafting

Since I love accessories for Katie's hair-dos, my mom suggested the other day that we make some hairbows/hairclips for Katie. Hairbows can run about $6.00 at Gymboree, though they are very often on sale as Buy 1-Get 1 free deal. At Janie and Jack, hairbows range from $10.00 to $12.00. My mom also noticed that, on eBay, the simple addition of a pair of hairbows to a toddler's outfit can double the price that people are willing to bid.

So why not make some for much less money?

We experimented a bit today, and it was fun! I think making hairbows is one of my new favorite hobbies...

One of my mom's creations: pink and green hairbows with rosettes in the middle. The bows are attached to a small clip that can fit into Katie's hair.

One of mine: a multi-colored pair of clips for springtime.

One from Mom: blue and white motif with gingham and polka dots.

Another of mine: dark blue satin ribbon with butterfly buttons in the middle.

I am so glad I have a crafty-skills mom with whom to do fun things like this, since I love to craft also. My mind is already zooming along with more ideas for hairbows. I wonder what other kinds of accessories we could make...hmmm...

Also, I rarely do this, but: I would love to recommend the movie Gran Torino to anyone who hasn't yet seen it. This is reportedly going to be Clint Eastwood's last acting role, and he is fabulous in it. I am a bit overly-sensitive to violence or realistic conflict in movies, and therefore there are many movies I tend to avoid---and so I am surprised that Gran Torino resonates with me as much as it does. There is violence and heartache, and one scene in particular is very painful to be a part of, but there are inspiring messages of learning to see people as human beings and redemption and change even when it seems like someone is beyond hope. I cried at the end, and I really view this film as an important work of art. It is a difficult film to digest at points, especially in terms of language---but then I think of the reasons we teach To Kill a Mockingbird or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and I realize that this film uses some of those same devices. Clint Eastwood's character is no Atticus, but he might be a bit of a variation on Boo Radley. And Boo is one of my favorite characters of all time...

I watched Gran Torino yesterday while Katie napped. Definitely not a film for the younger set, for sure!

Hope everyone has had a peaceful Saturday!