Monday, February 1, 2010

Chasing Ducks

On a day of errands around town, Mom went with Katie and me to the grocery store and then to Babies R Us and the duck pond in the Harveston development. I haven't been to Babies R Us for over half a year, but with Little Sib growing happily, I wanted to find him or her a blankie.

I had a specific blanket in mind---a dark blue---that I have wanted ever since Katie was born. It was at Babies R Us for a couple of years, but it doesn't seem to be there I need to search around online. I want the dark blue blanket whether I have a boy or a girl. If I am having a boy, I want to do dark greens and blues and plaids, very classic decor. If I have a girl, I want to use dark blue (maybe a wallpaper with a cream background and blue old-fashioned roses or flowers) and light pink.

At Babies R Us, Katie took a ride in the automated Elmo car, her first such experience. She loved it.

After Babies R Us, we went to the duck park with some bread. Katie had a delighted time. She loves to feed the ducks, and a bunch of them swam across the lake when they realized she had food. She takes such joy from nature and radiates beauty. Today she loved chasing the ducks on the grass, explaining, "They love to be chased, Mommy" and "We're exercising!"

Katie sits on a rock while pondering the beautiful afternoon.

My little girl, I love you forever.

"They loved to be chased, Mommy!"

Tonight we made Katie's favorite dinner: bee bim bop, a mix of rice, marinated beef filet, steamed carrots, steamed spinach, and egg. We also made vanilla pudding for dessert. As we were eating our bee bim bop, she gave me a hug and said, "You're the best Mommy." She is so sweet. As mothers know, we expect nothing for our work---and our work is constant, requiring full physical and emotional energy. We love unconditionally, and so we do the work purely as a labor of love even on the many days when we aren't thanked directly. But just one "You're the best Mommy" every once in awhile is music to the ears and heart.

So that was our happy day. Not too much out of the ordinary to report, but I am thankful for all we experienced today.