Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Week!

I love Valentine's Day, and I love celebrating all week long. Valentine's Weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I love celebrating love. Yes, love is to be celebrated daily all through the year, but I love having a day to wear hearts, pink and red, eat goodies, give and receive little happy cards, everything. Romantic love, platonic love, baby love, friend love---why not have a day when these are the values most forefront in everyone's mind?

This weekend is going to be so awesome---we have quite a bit planned. Today, though, I decided we should start the celebration officially by taking a trip to Build-a-Bear. We have never been, but I just knew we'd love it!

Katie absolutely adores dogs, so she decided to make a doggy. We picked out a brown and white doggy body with a red collar and stuffed her. Katie picked out a heart, and we put the heart inside her doggy before sewing her up. Then Katie got to give her new friend an air bath and a fur-brushing---this was Katie's favorite part. Afterward, we picked out an outfit. Katie liked the denim skirt and the pink hoodie with hearts on it---very appropriate for Valentine's Day!

Her new doggy has been by her side all the rest of the day, and she is cuddling with her as she sleeps. We even took her with us to Costco for Katie's favorite meal: cheese pizza and a berry smoothie. We had a fun mother-daughter date today.

Katie's next request is for us to bake some chocolate cupcakes. We didn't quite get to it this afternoon as I thought we might. Maybe tomorrow... We've got music class tomorrow morning as well as a Valentine's Day crafting session through our homeowner's association clubhouse tomorrow afternoon---and we have to get all of our ingredients for our fondue party!

Life is so beautiful that we celebrate in some degree every day, but there's nothing like a little holiday here and there as an excuse to make life extra abundant and fun and magical. I never need much of a reason and have been known to make up my own holidays here and there. I am so excited that this weekend has a little extra dazzle to it and that Bill has a three-day weekend to celebrate with us.

Now for a few pictures:

Katie hugs her new puppy at Build-a-Bear. She was kissing her and after she was stuffed, Katie said, "I love you, doggy."

Giving her friend a bath...

Cuddling with her puppy after her bath...

Katie in her room with her doggy....