Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Days

This week has been zooming along in its superduper busy way! I love that each day is its own blend of adventure and productivity, but I can feel myself needing to slow the pace down a bit soon. Katie noticed I was dragging a bit this morning, and so she sweetly cuddled with me in bed so I could sleep just a bit more (she ended up falling back asleep, too). Then we read books for awhile and ate breakfast before going on errands (UPS store, the bank, and the market). I have allergies for some reason, and Katie has been sweet all day, saying she would itch my nose for me and giving me kisses, saying she hopes I feel better. She thinks it is pretty funny when I sneeze, though!

On Tuesday, we had our final art class in the first six-week series. Katie greeted Miss Meaghan with a big hug. We are excited that we'll be back in class after another six weeks.

Also on Tuesday, I was Toastmaster at our meeting, which means I got to conduct the meeting. I chose the theme of "Political and Personal Revolution" to correspond with celebrating President Washington this month. I opened with a line from a Beatles song, then talked about the right to revolution in the U.S. Declaration, and then tied that into a personal right to overthrow the tyranny our own minds can sometimes exact upon us. My message was that we must rid ourselves of the fear and lack of reason that holds us back from being the best version of ourselves that we can be...and that we must embrace our freedom to be exactly who we are. Only then, by changing ourselves and holding ourselves to high standards, can we hope to change the world. We had a great meeting, and I loved leading it. I was reminded of aspects of teaching, and I know that part of me will always be called toward teaching. I do miss it at times, but I know the simple truth is that I would miss Katie MORE if I went back to it. We can't always have everything in life coexisting at one time. I am just thankful I did get to be a teacher for so many years.

On Wednesday, then, Katie and I began her gymnastics course. She has a natural love for very physical things. We worked on balance beams, very low vaults, bars (she held on and the instructor helped her to touch her toes to the bar), a climbing wall, trampolines, air-filled bouncy mats...all kinds of things. She was really enthusiastic about it and was eager to try everything. Katie has been talking about her class today, too, which tells me that she really connected with it. We'll see if gymnastics becomes an ultimate passion of hers, though it is exciting to watch her explore. I did dance growing up, and I was thinking of leading Katie in the same direction. However, although Katie loves to dance at home, she has been direct with me about not wanting to take a dance course right now. I have asked her a few times, and without prompting, she told me that she does not want to dance in front of other people. Gymnastics, though, really seems to excite her. So maybe we will find ourselves heading toward that path. In our child-rearing plan, Bill and I would love for Katie to have a sport if we can find one she loves.

After gymnastics on Wednesday, we drove with my mom to Newport to visit Grandpa Yoder. Aunt Debbie brought us the fixings for a BLT...delicious! We ate them with ice cold milk and an Oreo cookie. A perfect lunch, and Grandpa Yoder's favorite. We talked about going to Idyllwild, and also about gymnastics (Grandpa Yoder was a gymnast, actually). We had a pleasant day.

And finally, finally, I have all of my tax information sent to our new CPA. She really is awesome, so on top of everything. What a smart woman. Her questions are thorough and well-researched, especially about some of our more complex issues. She is great about using e-mail, and so fast in her responses. My dad really found someone competent and professional. And now I think I will just need to sit back and wait for the news about our returns. Hurrah.

So life is good, but I have been pushing myself a little too much. I have been negligent on the exercise this week, and as a result I can feel my energy slipping. I'm feeling good with Little Sib, though. I have the strangest cravings, but I realized most of them fall into the category of breakfast foods. Consequently, Bill has been getting some really odd dinner combinations: fish filets, tortellinis, and fresh-baked muffins, for example. Or tonight: chicken breast, waffles, and pineapple. (Actually, chicken and waffles is a well known dish, except usually it is done with fried chicken). And that's if he really gets much of a dinner at all. Yesterday it was just chicken and beans for him. Most dinner foods do not sound good at all to me, and by that time of day, my energy is at its lowest point. But you know what? He never, ever, ever complains. Bill is such a good, good man: peaceful and supportive even when he sees the chicken breasts making an appearance or even on the nights (more frequent this month) when he is left to his own devices, as the thought of smelling dinner food while cooking it sounds revolting to me (sometimes if Katie asks for a turkey dog, I wince because the smell turns my stomach over). I love my husband so much.

Anyway, I think I need to slow down a bit this weekend and take some walks with my girl. Talking with Katie while walking is super peaceful to me, and I love spending time with her in that way. Bill has another three-day weekend, too, so maybe we'll take some time out to go somewhere natural and beautiful as a family.

It is time to remember balance...