Friday, February 12, 2010

Music and Crafts

After our absence from music last week due to Katie's bout with the stomach virus, she was so happy to see her music teacher, Miss Kara, that she went and gave her a hug at the start of class! Katie doesn't hug many people, so it was touching to see that Miss Kara got one. It shows me how much Katie loves her and our music class. I knew she did, but I can see a little glimpse of how much that time means to her.
We had an awesome class and then, once back in Temecula, we picked up our supplies for our Valentine's Day fondue party. Home again, it was time for lunch and some cleaning. We also made some chocolate cupcakes (Katie has been asking for a few days), dancing around to "Friday I'm in Love" by The Cure.
This afternoon we had a Valentine's Day crafting session at our Vintage Hills clubhouse. There was a cupcake decorating station and an abundance of supplies for making several different kinds of valentines. Katie loved decorating her cupcake, and we made three valentines! She said she had fun and she was smiling the whole time with delight radiating from her eyes. In fact, one of the high school helpers said that Katie was the cutest little girl she's ever seen. What mother wouldn't want to hear that? However, I know from experience that there are many, many adorable toddlers and babies in the world. I think moreso that the young lady was reacting to Katie's joy---and that makes me feel even better than an assessment of outer appearances. True joy in the heart is infectious, and I want to cultivate it in Katie. When I meet people, I try to assess if they have that, if they have a passion for being alive, if they make their own magic. One of my favorite teachers and friends, Mrs. Dutton, is one of those people.

Anyway, Katie had a joyful afternoon. Here are some pictures (as I scramble to finish this entry before the Olympic opening ceremony):
Katie and her puppy, now named "Lady," are ready to go to our crafting session. Lady went everywhere with us today.
Katie has so much fun coloring and pasting. She even helped me to cut a little today!

Hard at work...

Concentrating on decorating her cupcake (in front of her). She placed everything on top in her own arrangement. Then she ate some of it when we got home!