Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Things

For the first time in weeks, I am vegging in front of some very shallow TV, surfing around online and ready to skim some pregnancy magazines and a Bon Appetit. I had some vague notions about working on another project, but I am doing exactly what I need to do right now while Katie is snoozing in her bed.

This morning we booked our Disneyland Hotel rooms for Katie's birthday month trip. Amie and Boppa will have an attached room, and I am so excited. Making the reservations, I loved including Eric in our list of guests---he will be a solid two months old by then. We're staying for a couple of nights and have plans to enjoy the pool, a character dinner, and early admission to Disneyland. So much fun! We figured we should take advantage of the kiddos both being under age three as long as we can: they are free until age three! We want to do something extra special for Katie, too, since she will be adjusting to her new brother by then. I have no idea how I will do Disneyland on little sleep and nursing, but you know what? It's all going to work out. It will be time to have fun and have a can-do spirit.

I also finished my pre-registration at my labor and delivery hospital this afternoon. I know Eric will be here in just a few weeks!

Eric and I also had our OB appointment this afternoon. I am going to be starting my once-a-weeks now! Whoa! Eric's heartbeat is strong, I had my GBS test, and he is facing downward... thank goodness! He is ready to go. I am so excited about labor! I still have little twinges of poignancy when I think about how I will balance my time still with Katie---I don't want her to feel alone or to feel like I have turned my attention away from her. I am anxious about making sure both children feel equally loved and cared for. I know I will give my all to both of them...but for example, I think of how much I want to hold Eric all night in the hospital for the first time, but then I think about how much I will miss holding Katie and cuddling her before bed while I am in the hospital! I want one arm around each of them...forever.

Other Goodnesses:

* I woke up really early again this morning for awhile (4AM) and enjoyed my warm-milk-nutmeg and Jane Eyre combination again.

* Loose maternity jeans and rings that still fit (by this time with Katie's pregnancy, I had to take my rings off---I am actually doing well on my weight gain and I am keeping salt low)

* Jamba Juice with Katie after our appointment---she was so happy, and she cuddled against my neck while we watched it blended. She gave me kisses all over my face.

* Teaching Katie various hand-clapping games and watching her laugh

* Costco's fiesta salad mix (and falafel, too)

* Telling the story of Romeo and Juliet to Katie (and hearing her sing Taylor Swift's Love Story). She is also really liking the story of Tristan and Isolde.

* A fun week ahead (installation of Toastmaster officers, my family baby shower)!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!