Saturday, July 17, 2010

Movie Night in the Park

A few weeks ago, my mom was paying attention to Temecula's calendar of events and noticed that the recreation department of the city is hosting its Friday night movies in the park series again this year. The events are free, and when my mom discovered that last night's movie was Hotel for Dogs (featuring Katie's very favorite animal), she suggested we go. Before the movie, the city invited Disc Dogs of California to come out and put on a live dog-and-frisbee show. We also had time to play on the play structure and enjoy some snacks before and during the film. Katie did not want to go home when the movie was over! Tonight she was asking if we could go again after our bathtime...

Katie and Amie watch the frisbee show.
Katie watches the border collies jump and catch.

Petting a new friend. After the frisbee show, the owners came around with their dogs and let the children pet them. Katie LOVED this part.

Very excited!

Katie and Amie share a snack. You can see that there was quite a turn out!

There are many reasons why I love living in Temecula, and the city recreation department is one of those reasons. Katie and I have had such an amazing year with their programs. Although our classes do cost a substantial enrollment fee, the classes are often contracted for less per session than going directly through the business providing the lessons. Yet, most events---especially family events, such as our Hullabaloo concert and others---are only a few dollars per person or even free. We had a fun night last night creating more memories!