Saturday, October 30, 2010

Katie's 3rd Birthday

My little girl turned three-years-old yesterday! Do I even need to say how much too quickly the time has gone? Or how it seems like just seconds ago that I was kissing her little baby toes and holding her for the first time? I find myself unable to think too much about how time has passed, or I start to feel tears in the back of my throat and a yearning to hold my little Baby Kate again...and to freeze time forever in the moment we're in.

We began the day with our weekly music class in Fallbrook. We all dressed up in our Halloween costumes, and so it was fun to feel festive.

Home again, Katie and I finished some of the dinner preparations, which began on Thursday. We made chocolate frosting for our cake and decorated it. Right after that, my Eric had a bit of time reacting to his immunizations (both kiddos had check-ups on Thursday). Katie used to sleep them off with hardly a reaction; Eric developed a low-grade fever and was a bit fussy. He is such, such a mellow guy (our pediatrician in fact remarked how "sociable" he is) that any fussing for him is definitely a sign of hardship. He hadn't taken much to eat, but thankfully my Nurse Mom came over and made a little sugar water and got him settled and helped to draw the fever off naturally. He spent time with Boppa while Katie, our cousins, and I went to the pumpkin patch. When we got back, Eric was feeling much better and ready for a birthday party!

Here are some pictures of our sweet girl's birthday:

She loved her tea table from cousin Hannah, who gifted us also with real Yorkshire tea---the loveliest cup of tea I've ever had. Hannah is from England, and everything about her---her manners, her taste, her use of language---makes part of me want to be British, too. I remember how I sometimes used to feel that way in high school, as well.

Katie's birthday cake. She asked for a yellow (butter) cake with chocolate frosting. I love making my daughter's cake every year, as a little way to honor our bond as mother and daughter.

Making a wish!
Earlier in the afternoon, our cousins Kd and Hannah came over, and we all went through the corn maze at the nearby pumpkin patch. I was extremely touched that Kd and Hannah suggested coming for Katie's birthday, cousins who are much like siblings to me really. Katie is absolutely delighted with them and looks up to them, as you can see in this picture.

Through the corn maze! Katie brought her magnifying glass to look for clues. It was a present in the morning; she got to open one before the day started. 

Daddy and Eric hang out before dinner. Eric is enamored of Bill. When Bill comes home, Eric gives him the biggest smiles, and they talk/coo together constantly.

Eating her cake and ice cream.

Boppa and Eric love each other so much.

Birthday guests! (Katie is hugging Eric).

Some of these pictures were captured by Hannah....I am so thankful that she took so many as I often forget. I love this one she took of Eric. He seems to be saying, "Hmmmm."

Katie holding Kd's hand.
The birthday table. Oh yes, party hats!

Happy birthday, 3-year-old!

Hannah taught us how to make Shirley Temples the English way! They were different than our American way, and so good!

Katie loves the tea table from cousin Hannah and cousin Brandon.

Opening presents.
Tractor at the pumpkin patch.
Watching the pig races.

So my little Baby Kate has turned three! Last night I cuddled her to sleep, and right as she fell asleep I sang her our special song, the first song I ever sang to her in the hospital.