Sunday, November 7, 2010


The year Katie was born, I brought her home on Halloween. Ever since, the holiday has felt like an extension of her birthday to me, another day to celebrate my October Baby, my little pumpkin girl. We always have my parents over for Halloween, and some of us go out trick-or-treating, and some of us pass out candy. This year, Bill manned the door and the rest of us---including Eric!---braved the night. It is funny how Katie had to wait until she was 2-years-old to be allowed out on Halloween, and now Eric is only three months old and he is already dressing up and in his stroller (he was just along for the ride: I believe you can't collect candy until you can walk and do the work for it). Ah, younger siblings catch all the breaks, no? ;-)

We listened to our Halloween play list while eating our dinner: penne with a pumpkin cream and sage sauce; quesadillas cut to look like jack-o-lanters, and fruit salad. We mulled apple cider while we were out, and then we came back and sorted Katie's candy while sipping the warm drink. We closed up the house at 8:00 PM, the kiddos' bedtime, but in truth we had very few people this year. We made a festive time of it, however!

Carving our pumpkins. Katie chose happy faces for both this year---she is definitely not into scary things!

Mr. Pumpkin!

A dalmatian, a cat, and a pumpkin. Katie knew she wanted to be a doggy (her very favorite animal) months and months ago. When I asked her this past summer what I should be, she wanted me to be a cat to go with her dog. I chose Eric's pumpkin costume after he was born.

Ready for trick-or-treating!

Halloween 2010!