Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I am overjoyed about my new home with Bill and Kate (before and after pics to come soon), and overjoyed about our anniversary tomorrow! Three years! Though it is not without a tinge of irony that I write about loving our marriage on the very day that the California Supreme Court voted to ban gay marriage... I am disappointed, but also hopeful that one day, love will prevail... My concept of a Life Force/God in the universe is one that is all-loving... So I have a big, big problem with gays and lebsians being denied the right to marry... The good news, according to my Aunt Jenny (who is a lawyer and married to my Aunt Anna) is that there was some legal precedent set within the case that could allow the class of gays and lesbians to sue the state as they now have recognizable rights without equality.

The good news is that my aunts' marriage is still legally recognized in California...otherwise, I don't think I would have the heart to post today about how much I love my marriage and how grateful I am to be married to my life partner. Our anniversary is tomorrow, but we're making a quick overnight to our honeymoon destination and I don't think I will be able to post from there. Kate and I going to make our yearly "Anniversary Cake" tonight to celebrate, and we might watch some of our wedding footage (put together by the incredible Kevin Longrie), as we do every year.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from three years ago tomorrow:

Angie and me during rehearsal, walking the aisle

Unchained Melody

Kissing my love after the ceremony

Under our marriage arch

With all of our guests

Cutting our cake with our sparkling apple cider

On the hammock at Strawberry Creek Inn on our honeymoon

Special honeymoon dinner: I love you!

Our inn

I am looking forward to our one night romantic getaway tomorrow! We are going to stay in our same honeymoon room and everything. Bill is so sweet. Tonight we had a little special dinner celebration with Kate. I make a replica of our chocolate-raspberry-filled cake with white frosting, and Katie helped me tonight after her nap. I also made some tortellinis and filet mignon. I am still so grateful for my marriage to Bill, and I love him so much...and the family we have together.
Happy Anniversary, my One!