Thursday, May 14, 2009

Katie's Dress

A few days ago, Katie and I were shopping at Target for Violet's first birthday present and also for some playclothes. As we passed by the racks, Kate saw this vibrant chevron-striped dress and pointed to it. Then she pointed to the back of our cart and said, "In there!" I wasn't sure at first---we were mainly there for t-shirts and shorts and I tend to choose more classically styled clothes for her---but since this was the first time she has ever definitely chosen something for herself, I decided to buy it for her. I have offered her choices between two items of my choosing before, but this was something she saw and was drawn to. Right before check-out, I held it back up just to be sure and asked her if she loved the dress; she responded, "Yes!"

Now, of course, I love the dress, too. I love that it is cheerful and happy and that Kate loves the exuberant design. She saw it hanging in her closet this morning and asked to wear it today.

Katie's dress

Zig zag zig zag! I love how strong and confident she looks here.

I took this picture right in the middle of Katherine saying, "No bees!"
This dress now represents her vivacious independence and the ever-increasing awareness on my part that I won't be able to make choices for her forever; she is her own self. I want to be the kind of parent that, within reason, lets my child express herself through her style and to let her shape that style. This dress is totally my daughter. She even styled her own accessories today, pointing to her jewelry box and getting out her necklace and bracelet. I want to make her feel good and capable about her choices, while letting her understand that they might be different from Mommy's. I think that will be the basis for her coming to me about anything, knowing that I will be likely to tell her my opinion but will not judge her---especially in her later life. The fundamentals for that start now.