Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Happy Father's Day to all of the daddies out there! To celebrate, we had a small party here with my parents and Amanda, Hayden, and Blair. I wanted to serve a totally comforting meal featuring the favorite dishes of my dad and Bill, and so we had a southern feast: "Bisquick" chicken (used as the breading and baked), baked beans, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, buttermilk bicuits, peach pie, and homemade ice cream. Kate was a big helper with the buttermilk bicuits; she helped to measure and pour all of the ingredients and to mix up the dough. She also helped to spice the peaches for the pie. She is my little helper.

Here are some pictures of our day---though they aren't in order. I should probably put them in order but don't really feel like it at the moment, I must admit. ;-)

Kate plays in the yard in the afternoon sunshine.

Katie plays on the swings with Amie and Ampa/Boppa (she uses both, it seems, to denote Grandpa, so we'll see what she decides---Boppa was the winner today).

Delightful summer evening memories.

Playing with ice while setting up the old-fashioned ice cream maker. I have a modern ice cream maker, but this one from my childhood speaks more to my soul. I remember the magic of it and learning all about the reaction of the ice and the rock salt and watching it churn on the deck in Yorba Linda. I want Kate to have similar memories... Here, she is putting ice on my fingers.

Peach pie, my dad's favorite. I have actually never made a peach pie prior to this---mostly because I am not a huge fan of fruit pies.My mom is usually in charge of the pies. If I make a dessert, it usually must be chocolate or of the creme brulee variety. But I must say that I have really discovered a love for the pie-making process, and now I am in search of people to whom to give pies just so I can make them...

In this picture, I am explaining to Kate how to prepare the ice cream maker. She helped me to put the ice around the vat of cream. Oh this ice cream was delicious: I used heavy whipping cream and a vanilla bean (along with sugar and a touch of salt). Pure pure pure heaven with the simplest ingredients.

Katie helped Grandpa to set up our fountain that Grandpa made. I love that fountain, so I am pleased to have it running again.

Katie walks outdoors to help Grandpa with the hose.

Katie and Grandpa with "Happy Sun" (as Katie calls the fence ornament) in the background.

Bill opens his card from Kate. You can see where she has drawn and written on it.

Put the ice in the maker, Katie. (P.S. The maker isn't plugged in at this point)!

Summertime wonder. I love the sound of a churning ice cream maker outside the kitchen door.

Little Hayden and his daddy, Blair, on their first Father's Day together! Hayden is such a happy little guy....

See how effervescent he is...really adorable! He is almost crawling, getting very close now!

Grandpa opens Katie's present: a mosaic stepping stone with an imprint of her feet for Grandpa's yard. It says, "I love you Ampa" on it. This was such a fun project to do, that I see mosaic stepping stones in several family members' futures. Shhh, it will be a surprise. ;-)

More fountain time! Here, Grandpa explains to Katie how the fountain works.

Grandpa opens his card...

More swinging fun (see how out of order these are)!

Dinnertime festivities!

Daddy reads his card from Katie.

Daddy and Katie together outside.

A close-up of Katie's present to Daddy: both of their handprints on canvas with a poem I wrote and phrases expressing thankfulness for all the little things Bill and Katie do with one another.

Amanda and Hayden play together.

What a happy Father's day! So many special memories today... And I am so thankful that Kate has two of the best men in her life, her dad and my dad. We tried our best to make each of them feel special today!