Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Eve!

Happy Halloween Eve, everyone! Katie and I are so excited for tomorrow!

We had a busy day today, some of it fun and some of it business. Part of our fun was going to music class this morning, and we even got to wear costumes:

Katie had fun today, as she is gaining more and more comfort with singing and playing instruments in class. She loved that the little girl next to her came as a kitty.

We left class a few minutes early to return to Temecula for Katie's 2-year-old check-up. She is thriving. Dr. Paik was impressed with Katie's language (Katie spoke in several complete sentences for her). Katie weighed in at 27.4 pounds today and reached 34 inches tall. Her weight and height are converging, though she is a bit taller than average. Her weight is right on point for her age now.

And the very big news in terms of our appointment is that Katie finished her immunizations today. She will only need flu shots and maybe some boosters in the far future. It is such a relief to know that she is protected, truly. We're very excited that we have finished the journey and that she will be safe. We were also put on the waiting list for the H1N1 because they are prioritizing right now. Hopefully there will be extra doses; if not, Bill's district is offering immunization for staff and their immediate families starting in December. I hope we don't have to wait that long...we'll see. Toddler Time finishes in a couple of weeks. After that, the only public exposure Katie will have is at music class. We're about ready to hunker down for our Christmas crafting anyway, and I will keep store trips to a minimum. She is too precious to risk.

We had to wait quite awhile at the doctor's office, but we brought our play medical kit and one of our favorite word books to keep us entertained. Katie sang and twirled in the examination room, so she wasn't terribly stressed most of the time. She got to wear her Snow White costume and all of the office staff was dressed up, too. She loved that. The nurse administering the vaccinations was dressed as a witch, which Katie thought was funny when we discussed it later.

Katie was full of joking today. She kept making jokes about the Big Bad Wolf all morning. When the doctor asked me about Katie's food diversity, Katie offered, "I eat the Big Bad Wolf. I put him in the microwave. I put him in the oven. I put him on the plate." She actually said this in a sing-song voice, which made it funnier.

After our appointment, I took Katie out to frozen yogurt---a special treat to placate the stings of the shots. We ate by the fountain and several people told her what a pretty Snow White she was. At one point, she was twirling around and singing, "Someday my prince will come. Someday my prince will come" in the right tune. Pretty cute!!!

Home again, we both napped. I arose before Katie and did a little work and also made a big Halloween playlist for our dinner tomorrow. Then we carved our pumpkins, ate dinner, bathed, and played!

Here are some pictures of our handiwork:

Katie and Mommy with our happy pumpkins. She chose all of the shapes for the faces and wanted them all happy---she was clear about that!

" Hello, Mr. Pumpkin/So glad to see you..."

Precious Halloween Katie... Life is so much FUN!

Cuddling together in our pink girly jammies with our pumpkins.
Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME!!!! So many fun activities planned! And Katie is so excited about trick-or-treating!

A pumpkin kiss....
Nighty night.