Friday, October 2, 2009

Music Class and Homecoming

What a gloriously full day for our family!

Katie and I had our first Music Together: The Vocal Experience class today at 9:30 in Fallbrook. We are so thankful that our friend Gina encouraged us to find a Music Together program. Here is the Music Together website. A national program, Music Together is a highly structured curriculum centered on the belief that all children can develop musical aptitude. It is such a blessing that our local community music class was cancelled last month, for we might have otherwise missed out on this opportunity. Our new teacher is such a great fit for us, and the class is very small, maybe a dozen children. Katie got to play with all kinds of instruments today and we sang and danced and saw how a pitch pipe is used. Our teacher (Kara Howard) told us that the expectation of us as parents is that we will always participate, and that we need to be ready to sing solo, work on harmony, and perform rounds. I am excited---this will help my musical education, too.

Anyway, I am tremendously excited for our 10-week program, and I even love that we get to have this experience in Daddy's hometown. It will be a good memory in Fallbrook for us.
After our music class, we went to visit Amie and Boppa and Uncle David.
Amie continued the music theme of our day by teaching Katie some piano.
Maybe someday Katie will want to study piano? We want to give her lessons in an instrument for sure.

Amie and Katie playing piano.

Playing with her lego people.

My little Sweetie Face.
When we got home, we ate some lunch, read some books, and Katie napped. While she napped, I rehearsed my Toastmasters speech over and over and over. My first formal speech is scheduled for Tuesday, and I want it to be up to my standards. I worked out a couple of issues that have been difficult with respect to the speech, and I am excited to deliver it.
Katie and I went for a brief walk after she awoke, and then Daddy woke up from his nap, too. We gathered Uncle David and all went to the TVHS Homecoming game! We stayed just through half-time, as Katie was looking tired. She had so much fun, though, watching and waving to the balloons released into the sky. She also loved the two bear mascots. She called them the "dancing bears" and thought they were funny. She ate most of her pizza and some of a Jamba Juice. Being there with her was so perfect. I remember right after Bill and I got married, we went to a game that fall and I saw a little girl there---and I remember how much I wanted a baby of my own at that moment and how much I wished I had a little girl or little boy to take with us. And now I do...and once again, my life has come full circle. She wore her dark brown party skirt and leggings, a white polo and yellow bands around her pigtails. We took a coat, and she did need it. And I loved wearing my own letterman's jacket again.

When we got home, she seemed to perk up and wanted to reenact the dancing bears.

Here is my little dancing bear. I was also a dancing bear. We turned on music and danced around the house. She stayed in the "dancing bear" character all the way through her bath. She really loved them

T-E-M-E-C-U-L-A! Temecula Bears, fight! The two dancing bears take a rest.
So we had a pretty late night, but oh it was so fun! What a day! So many new experiences...