Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Girl

What a beautiful day at the Pelzter Pumpkin Farm, which is just down the road in wine country!

Katie frolicked amongst the goats! She absolutely loved petting and feeding them and also meeting the bunnies and chicks and ducks and turkeys.

Sitting on the hay bale, revelling in the day...

Right after we parked on the grass and got out of the car, Katie saw what awaited and started running and making sounds of delight!

Beautiful little Autumn Girl.

Pumpkin love! We ran and laughed and explored all over the field. We also played peekaboo behind the hay bales.

Katie dances in the hay, with the golden afternoon light shining all around.

Gently petting Mr. Goat. I definitely want to return with her---she seemed to light up inside with the animals.

Katie and a goat.


Peekaboo with the pumpkin cut-out!!! The farm was so cute: scarecrows and ghosts and all kinds of autumnal decorations.

Playing with the hay....

We love the pumpkin patch!!!

Hello, Mr. Goat, I am Katie June!

Katie wanted to feed the goats, and the goats wanted to be fed.


Strong and beautiful and full of light!

Good morning on our front lawn, amid the fall leaves.

Pondering her next move... Mr. Goat checks out the food dispenser.

My little cowgirl farm girl.

After the pumpkin patch, we made a stop at home for lunch and then headed to the library. Katie is napping now, while I write this and watch Waitress. Waitress is one of my favorite films, especially since it was one of the first ones I saw while holding Katie after she was first born. That film always reminds me of that most special time...
When Katie wakes up, I think we will make some pumpkin bread...