Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beautiful November Days

We went to visit our friend Sandy at TVHS this afternoon. I love Sandy so much; she has such a good heart and light spirit. Every once in awhile, I have dreams at night about still team-teaching with her. I got to meet two of the newer English teachers, and everything about the visit made me yen for the classroom again. If I could clone myself, I would do everything: be at home with Katie, teach, etc. But life is about choices, and I would never trade the time I have had with Katie. I get to be her teacher, and that is the best thing in the world. There is a time and phase for everything in life... We must love the phase of life we're in while we're in it; only through truly savoring the moment may we make it part of us forever.

Katie wore her birthday outfit from Nana, Great-Uncle Ross, and Aunt Jenny and Aunt Anna today.

My beautiful November girl.

Tap-dancing with Boppa on plywood. She loved it!

My little old-fashioned dancing girl.

Smiling at Boppa as he helps us with some work on the patio cover.

Katie and Peter Rabbit play together before we visit our friend.

Yesterday we went for a walk before Toastmasters.

Katie took her Cinderella.

Katie wanted to eat breakfast in her fort from the Horne Family. She loves that fort so much!