Sunday, November 22, 2009


Except for Stanford's Big Game defeat, yesterday was a perfect day! Bill and I had a date to watch Big Game together, and he went out and got In-N-Out for us so that dinner would be easy and tasty. Katie was actually asleep for the first half, and when she woke up, we all sat on the couch together and then did some building with our blocks. Even Katie got into the game: "Bad Cal! Bad Cal!" she would chime.

The day began with our H1N1 vaccine appointments at the one-day clinic at TVHS. Vax America really had the operation running smoothly. They looked as though they were set up to vaccinate the whole community. When we went at 10:00, we filled out our paperwork and went right to an open station. There hardly seemed to be any lines... I hope more people found out about the clinic during the day and received their vaccines. The vaccine yesterday was in shot form---which was good. I can deal with a shot. Katie was so sweet: right as I was about to receive my poke, she held out her little hand to me so that I could hold it. Very sweet. She watched the shot take place while I looked away. I actually squeezed her hand just a little because this shot did hurt. The seasonal flu shots at Ralph's tend not to hurt much at all, but this one must have hit a tender spot. Oh well. You must do what you must do. Later I had Katie help me take off my band-aid. She smiled proudly when I told her how gentle she was and how she helped me.

In the bath last night, Katie achieved something else that amazed me. I asked her, "How do you spell your name?"

She replied very articulately, "K. A. T. I. E." Each letter was distinct and paced and assertive. My jaw just about dropped off of my face. We've been working with her on this, of course. A few days ago, I finally made up a song about her name using the "B-I-N-G-O" tune.

So, spelling here we come!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday!