Thursday, November 5, 2009

Katie Has a Big-Girl Day

Katie received some money from Nana for Halloween, and she also received a Barnes and Noble gift card from Aunt Diane for her birthday. I decided it would be a treat for her today to use those gifts and to pick out some toys and books for herself. I did discuss the possibility of saving the $20.00, but I also told her that Nana probably intended for her to spend it on herself now.

Well, Katie wanted to go to Target. We put her $20.00 in her purse, along with her gift card. She held onto her purse in the car the whole way. I told her that we would go down each toy aisle and that she could pick whatever she wanted, as long as it was $20.00 or less. I wanted her to have an exercise in both immense freedom but also in limitation, so I knew I would hold firm and not be tempted to supplement if the price was over $20.00. As we went up and down the aisles, we talked about prices and what was within her range (nearly everything at Target, which was awesome). At first she thought she might want a Barbie, and we put a Barbie with dogs set in our cart and then I encouraged her to keep looking and compare. Well, then she saw a dog that plays music and talks (and can be programmed to say her name) that reminded her of Jingle Bell dog. She had to deliberate and really choose... So she chose the dog that makes music. She had a few dollars left, so she got two sets of four large Play-Dohs (so eight big jars of Play-Doh altogether).

When we got up to the register, I helped her unzip her purse, and we took out the $20.00. She handed it to the cashier herself and was incredibly proud. Even the cashier commented on what a big girl she was to be paying for her toys herself. Katie was beaming and beaming.

We then went to Barnes and Noble and Katie got to explore the children's section in its entirety. This was her first experience in the bookstore without her stroller. We have several new books (I did supplement just a little)... And we can't wait to enjoy our treasures...

On the way home, Katie asked to go to Starbucks. We did, and I had my first gingebread latte of the season. While we were there, whom should we meet but Uncle David!

Now Katie is napping and I am watching Tristan and Isolde (again), trying to rejuvenate myself (I've been feeling a bit under the weather, like I could be getting sick---although the thickness in my throat doesn't seem to change into anything, so who knows?).

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!