Monday, August 30, 2010

Eric William, 3 Weeks Old

Eric turned three weeks old yesterday!

Mr. Serious regards the camera after his bath.

He is still sleeping quite a bit, with more and more wakeful periods in the morning and late afternoon. He loves, loves, loves to be held...but not just held: he loves to be upright as much as possible, and I often see him working on controlling his neck.

He is such a mellow baby and rarely cries. I usually hear him starting to wake up at night and am generally able to meet his needs before he starts crying. Every once in awhile, he exercises his lungs, but even so I find his cries to be pretty mild. Katie is capable of making much more of a racket. :-)

Eric sleeps well in his bassinette, but he does wake up if he gets cold or if he makes a diaper. Katie never really cared about her mussed diapers and wouldn't fuss over it and/or could sleep through it---but Eric really does seem to care. He prefers to be clean and dry. He also sleeps better, it seems, when he has on socks or feetie pajamas--I think his feet get cold otherwise.

When we eat at night, I love his little eyes peeping up at me when I take him out of his bassinette and change him. He seems to like to find my face, and he loves to nestle with me. He is my Little Buddy.

He shows some signs of tracking, but not too much yet. I have a music box that is a glass ball filled with glittery "snow" and which plays "Music of the Night." Yesterday I was showing it to him and his eyes were totally transfixed on it. I wound it several times, and he appeared to be studying it intently. He probably found the tune familiar, as I regularly sing songs from "Phantom of the Opera."

Because he loves to be upright to see the world, he enjoys hanging out in my Baby Bjorn carrier. I wear him on my front, and I am not sure what I would do without it. He likes to be in it when I am cooking with Katie.

I love my family so, so much. I don't think it gets any happier than having my husband and two children with me everyday. I feel pretty lucky, actually.