Monday, August 16, 2010

Love, Told Through Pictures

This has been a beautiful week with my two children and beloved husband. Bill is back at work, but having two comes a little more naturally to me now that I have had one. Eric is sleeping well so far and though we are all making adjustments in routine, I am finding the transition to be going quite well. My greatest challenge is balancing time between both children---I think I could do better, but so far so good.

Eric had his first well-baby check-up last week and will have another this week.

Katie is a perfect big sister: she helps me with everything (giving baths, grabbing blankies, talking with Eric, holding Eric). Their bond will be forever, and I am so glad the two of them have each other. When time takes Bill and I away from this earth, I want to think of them together...having a sibling means that you will never really be lonely, at least that is how I always have felt. I can already see Eric responding to Katie's voice. I know they will love each other so much.

So, here are some pictures from the last week. They are not in order, but with two children and just a bit of free time to spare this evening, I cannot be too picky. :-)

Our life:

Eric William McGaugh, one week old on August 15, 2010

Very much in love with him....

Katie helps to feed Eric. What a great Big Sis! (As a sidenote, I love how strong yet gentle Bill's fingers are in this picture. He epitomizes what I hope Eric becomes as a man: resolute yet also tender).

What do we do when both kiddos wake up super early (like before Daddy leaves for work)? We read all snuggly in bed and then have a dance party to Cat Steven's "Teaser and the Firecat" album.

Early last week, we went for our first walk in the double stroller.

Eric is all bundled up and ready to leave from the hospital. He is using the same blanket that I used to take Katie home. I will always keep that blanket in my hope chest, a treasured item.

I love my Eric.

Meeting Daddy.

Meeting Katie.

Cuddling and reading to my two children.

Catching some sun and doing some art.

Nurse Katie performs an examination. Oh, the privilege and fun of being the older one!

Our hands.

Dappled with sun and ready for sleep.
I am savoring every second. It all goes much too fast.
Thank you to all of our visitors this past week! You have made life delightful, and you have made Eric feel welcome to our family.