Saturday, August 21, 2010


Some lovelies this week:

* Katie June in front of our garden:

We have tomatoes growing and the corn is getting tall!

* Outdoor time:

Here, Katie was singing songs from The Sound of Music.

* McGaugh Family Movie Night---we are starting a new tradition on certain Fridays with our kiddos. Our first movie night, held last night, included vanilla pudding, grilled cheese sandwiches, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. All four of us cuddle together and talk about what we are watching. I need more movie recs---something we all can enjoy. Please leave a comment if you have ideas...

* A visit from a friend on Thursday (and she brought a yummy dinner)!

* Eric's second check-up: he has gained a pound and an 1.75 inches! All of his lab work came back great and he is thriving.

* Taking Eric to meet Great-Grandpa Yoder:

We are so lucky that two of Eric's great-grandparents are still with us and able to share time with us. We were also going to visit Nana this week, but she has a cold. Nana is our priority next week, and after that, I need to take Eric to touch the Valley Center land (the land of his other great-grandpa) before it is sold. I am glad it is still under our ownership at a time when both of my children can touch it and be part of it. My focus is on giving Eric a sense of his history, and to document it, even though right now he is hardly aware of it. Connecting a child to his larger family is essential, I think. Bill has also been working on a family history project...and spent most of his summer on it. We want to give our children context and family.

* Reading, dancing, and singing with the kiddos

* The Byrds' Turn, Turn, Turn: I learned that was one of Uncle Eric's favorite songs, too. It turns out that would have been a good first song for our Eric as well. I think I will just play it often for both children, since it captures my philosophy fairly well. There is a time for everything, and we must recognize that balance.

* Scrapbooking

* Family breakfast: waffles today!

* Games with Katie: Hi-Ho-Cherry-Oh, Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders. During a family game of Chutes and Ladders with all four of us, Eric managed to win when he was barely a week old---not too bad!

* Nighttime cuddles with Little Buddy and also with my Pumpkin

* These are good times, even when I am tired... Our children are gifts.