Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dance Class

We look forward to our Wednesday morning dance class:

Katie arrives at class.

Clapping and stepping with the teacher across the floor.

Working on footwork with Miss Holly.
Dancing brings Katie such joy, and she is all smiles during our session.
After dance class today, we went with Amie to pick some more blueberries. Can you believe we've eaten our way through almost six pints in a week and a half? Two of those pints are part of a blueberry syrup that we are using for various dishes, including buttermilk pancakes this weekend, but the other four have gone into parfaits, fruit salads, and other yums.
Yesterday my dad and I went to Toastmasters, AND even more spectacularly, Katie had her first outing in her big girl underpants (just to Baron's and back) and in her first attempt, had no accidents. She doesn't need a diaper in the house anymore (other than overnight), and now we are working on going out and about in the world. I fully expected (when she started using the potty chair at 18 months like I did) to have her trained much sooner, but our move last year did slow down our process and we've been practicing here and there until she increased her readiness. She is doing really awesome now, and I am thankful.
On Monday, I was delighted to have the company of two of my former students (who are now married), Megan and Jim Caton. I felt honored that they included me on their list of people to see while down this way (they live in northern California). I made a lunch of chicken salad veronique (chicken with grapes and tarragon and celery with a dressing), popovers with strawberry jam, fruit and cheese, and lemon poundcake with mango sorbet. I also made my first batch of sun tea (decaf) for the season. We had a lovely visit, and I am so impressed with this young (and yet mature at the same time) couple. They had several people voice concerns over their marriage (the summer after Megan finished high school---Jim is two years older), but I always saw that, if any two people could make life work and be married so young, they definitely could. They have such a mature outlook, both in terms of their educations and in terms of their ideas of personal responsibility and work ethic. They have really planned together, and two years later, they are following the trajectory of success they set for themselves. It helps that both of them are intelligent and forward-looking, and both prioritize the kinds of things that lead to success in a marriage and success in life. I am very proud of them, and proud to have been their teacher, and proud that they consider me a friend now.

Katie absolutely adored Megan. In fact, I have never seen her trust someone so quickly. Megan was amazing with her, so maternal and patient.
It has been a beautiful week so far!