Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family Date Night

After a fun morning in music class and a nourishing afternoon of blubeberry picking (see post below), we enjoyed a family date night with Daddy last night! We love family date nights, and Katie was excited. She loves her daddy so much. I remember how my dad used to take me on movie-and-a-pizza dates when I was growing up, and I think it is so important that parents set the standard for what "dating" should actually be. We want Katie to chose a beau (or beaux if need be) wisely, and to have high standards for how he treats her and high standards with respect to what she seeks in another person. It is important that her first dates are with people (us) who are totally committed to her and love her---so that she can see what that feels like and hold that expectation for the rest of her life.

After a dinner at home, we went down the street to the CRC amphitheater to attend the city's Hullabaloo concert. Hullabaloo consists of two gentleman who play folky children's songs, so it was perfect for us.

Katie and Daddy walk to the concert.

Holding hands.

Katie, with a scarf they passed out, listens to the music and thinks about dancing. There were also kid-appealing snacks and juice provided.

Waiting patiently for the concert to start.

Daddy and Katie at the concert.

After a few songs, Katie wanted to go down to the floor and dance----and boy, did she dance! She danced for the rest of the concert: spinning, twirling, stomping, waving. She is a dancing machine. They played a bunch of original songs, but then Hullabaloo also covered a bunch of standards that we know, too. Katie sang all of "Twinkle, Twinkle" with them.

Dancing! She asked me to take her sweater off so she could twirl better. Bill has some other pictures on his iPhone from farther away, but I haven't had a chance to peek at those yet. Katie had so much fun, and afterwards she kept talking about how she loved the dancing.

Although the concert ended fairly late (8:00), since Katie had had a good nap, we decided to enjoy some hot cocoa at Starbucks before they closed. She has never been at night, nor has she ever had her own drink, so this was extra special for her. She felt like such a big girl. She talked about being able to do this because she is now a "big sister." It is so cute how she is liking that role more and more and understanding that being a "big sister" has certain perks, privileges, and advantages. Anyway, here is a picture of Katie with her first-ever Starbucks drink, a yummy hot chocolate which she loved!!! (By the way, I asked the barista to make Katie's a cooler temp, and the barista absolutely got the temperature perfect for a toddler---nicely done, Starbucks, nicely done)!

What a lovely date with our daughter!