Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and Ashley's Shower

What a busy weekend, and one blessedly filled with family old and new. (It was also filled with allergies, a sinus infection, and pinched nerves in both arms and two nights of basically no sleep and therefore utter crabbiness and a childish tantrum on my part on Sunday---but that's another story. Thank goodness for a sweet and supportive husband). For the most part, we'll just focus on all the people and events that brought goodness to this weekend.

My soon-to-be-sister-in-law Ashley had her bridal shower on Saturday. What a lovely afternoon. Her maid of honor, Katy, really did a good job organizing activities and keeping the event flowing. I loved watching Ashley open all of her presents and the time we got to visit with family. I also really appreciated and enjoyed watching Ashley in her role of auntie to Katie, taking time to hunt for the kitty with her, bringing her a little treat, and letting her help with the unwrapping. Ashley was very patient and kind with her, and Katie has taken to Ashley very quickly---especially for Katie.

We got to spend time with Nana and give her our Mother's Day present, and though we usually have a Mother's Day tea, we decided to forego that this year and just enjoy each other's company on Saturday with all the family.

It worked out for the best, because on Sunday I was an absolute sicky, sleep-deprived, cranky mess. An epic fail on Mother's Day for sure. I cannot even begin to describe how not into the celebration mood I was, and how much I wanted to be in one---a fact which, by itself, was beyond depressing yesterday. I am usually filled with energy and can-do spirit. But it simply isn't advisable to throw a party with two nights of no sleep, clogged sinuses, and a bout of severe moodiness. Normally I would take some Tylenol or a Claritin and be fine, but I don't want to do that while pregnant, so any ailment is really uncomfortable. So, we all agreed to postpone the barbecue I had planned for the family. Bill and Mom helped with Katie all day so that I could try to get better, and thankfully, I did. Everything worked out in the end, because I was able to sleep very well last night, and I woke up feeling almost as good as new this morning. It also helped that Bill plied me with a GINORMOUS box of chocolates. It is difficult to stay cranky when you are eating chocolate.

Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling like I had rejoined the world and by this afternoon our Mother's Day barbcue was shaping up nicely. Katie helped me make our "crazy cake." Crazy Cake is actually the name of this home ec recipe I learned in 8th grade. I have never known why it has this name, but I suppose it has something to do with the ingredients. It also lacks a few ingredients used in many other batters, namely eggs. Katie did an amazing thing, though. After we put all of the ingredients in, I asked her, "What makes this cake different from other batters? If you think about pancake batter or some of the other cakes we've made, what does crazy cake NOT have in it that our other batters do?" I was mainly trying to get her to say "eggs" but she came up with "milk"'s the wild thing..."baking powder." She is right: this cake batter was not leavened with baking powder. It rises with baking soda and vinegar. She knows the difference between the two, but nonetheless I was impressed. I certainly wouldn't have come up with that at two-and-a-half.

We also shucked our corn, made some strawberry lemonade, prepped yams and potatoes for homemade fries, and readied the produce for the burgers.

My mom also surprised me with my Mother's Day present, truly a gift: she cleaned my entire fridge from top to bottom. All the shelves, bins, drawers...everything has been scrubbed and reorganized and scary items in the back have been tossed. One of the best gifts ever. Now I need to keep it that way... Hurrah! I love it.

Dad came over and did all the grilling.

It has been a great day. I think I had to experience the trials of yesterday to have an even more appreciative heart for today. I know for sure that I have the most loving parents and also the most loving husband. I really snapped at him yesterday, and the guilt won't leave me because I never do that... And I hate making him feel bad and sad. It was a really awful thing to do, because we never fight---and I do mean never---and his expectations of me are so high and he was just trying to help me with something. We take pride in never yelling and speaking to each other as respected autonomous individuals, and I know I let him down with my response. Not sleeping for two nights is not really a good excuse, but I do see why sleep-deprived people go a little insane: the rational part of the brain cannot work properly.

Anyway. I was also given another gift today: my cousin's wife Hannah wrote me the nicest, sweetest message saying that she would like to host a baby shower for little Eric and me. I am totally humbled by her generosity and how special and loved she made me feel. I never expected a shower with a second baby, and that she would think of it really makes me feel amazed by how good life can be even when I have been a total pill (like I was yesterday). I am so excited, and I feel so lucky to have my family. It means so much to me that my family wants to celebrate little Eric in this way. I loved my shower for Katie, and I will love preserving those memories for Eric, too, in his little baby book.

So, onward to a better and brighter week!

Mommy and Eric on Mother's Day weekend. He is already my little person and has been since conception. This was my first Mother's Day with two children.

My mom, my brother David, and Katie.

With my two children.

Nana, Amie, Katie, and me: generations at Ashley's shower.

Ashley opens her presents. See how much Katie already trusts and likes her?

My mom with her two children and two grandchildren on Mother's Day weekend 2010.

Katie gives Nana the flower pot she painted and the tea roses she picked out.