Friday, May 14, 2010

Opening Day of Blueberry Season!

After music class this morning, we slathered on sunscreen, gathered our hats, glanced once more at our blueberry recipes for measurements, and met Amie for a delightful, heart-and-body-nourishing afternoon of blueberry picking at our local u-pick farm!

We have been counting down for a few weeks, with Opening Day marked on our calendars. Katie was so excited when she woke up knowing that today was blueberry day---and no doubt, so were Amie and I.

I love blueberries right off the bush, so much different from any other blueberries I've ever tasted. We have made a yearly tradition of picking our summer blueberries---I know we will go several times this season to partake in the bounty---and Katie has now been part of this tradition every year of her life. There is something so honest and simple about gathering one's own food from the source, and this farm is truly a Temecula treasure.

The first day of blueberries: it must be summer!

Katie and I pick berries on Opening Day 2010.

Katie has her bucket and is ready for gathering!

Katie made up her own song (lyrics and melody) as her happy heart bubbled over with delight: "I pick my blueberries/All day loooong." I love how she allows herself to be moved by joy and that it comes out in song.

Beautiful Katie among the blueberry bushes.

The simple joys. Sunlight, deliciousness, hard work, fresh air. Togetherness.

This year, Katie took a big role in choosing which rows and bushes we picked. She was quite good at spotting the lush fruit.

With Amie.

When we got home, we made the treat that we always make on the first day of blueberry picking: frozen vanilla Haagen Dazs topped with sun-warmed bluberries and honey made by bees at the blueberry farm. Yum! Everything gets gooey and tangled and yummy. A real treat...
Blueberry picking feeds my heart-source, filling it up. What fun and happiness! I am going to appreciate every moment of the season!