Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Day in Los Angeles with Rosa and Dan

This morning we made a cozy drive toward the rainy L.A. skies to visit with my bestie Rosa and her husband Dan. This is an exciting time for Rosa and Dan. Now married a little over a year, they just bought their first house and closed escrow today! We met at their apartment, exchanged presents, played with their dog and cats, and then drove by their new place. I love the location, the cozy neighborhood, the style of the their house and the houses around it. Their cheerful yellow home is situated nicely, with a side-facing garage and good windows and lighting. They chose a neighborhood that feeds into a better school district, too, and I predict they will have many happy moments in their new home.

After cruising the house, we went out to lunch at Salt Creek Grill in El Segundo, looked at paint colors, and chatted. Our visit felt too short, as it always does, but with the rain and Katie looking like she might want a nap, we had to head home. Due to rain and congestion on the 91, it took us twice as long to get home as it otherwise would, but Katie napped and Bill and I got to discuss some of our favorite philosophical topics and I also dozed.

We had a happy day, and I love my friends so much. I am so lucky to have the friends I have, truly.

Since arriving home, we have been making preparations for our New Year celebration! I hope everyone has a beautiful New Year's Eve!