Monday, December 14, 2009

Love covers over...

Katie and I enjoyed our last toddler class today, a program we have attended since August. We could continue in January, but we are already signed up for an art class and of course our music class. I don't want to over-schedule her. There are also tumbling/gymnastics classes. We might try new classes each session. I don't know... After today, I am tempted to sign up for the toddler class again to keep the momentum with some of the friends we are making. I'll have to think about it.

After class, I spoke with my dad and then with my mom, amazing parents who both offer me something different when it comes to guiding me through life. They make a good balance with each other as parents.

My mom and Katie and I then went shopping to some favorite places: Target, where I ran into a high school friend who is home from London and found a present for my bro, The Gap (where I almost splurged but then didn't), and Ann Taylor Loft, where I found my Christmas Eve outfit for the Ritz. We also stopped by Williams-Sonoma.

When I came home, my mom helped with Katie and some dinner while I had a beautiful talk with my husband. When I gave him my heart and well-being, my trust was not misplaced. I cannot imagine a better caretaker and best friend and he knows me through and through. I know that he will never let me down in this life, never disappoint me. I am a poor judge of character, often thinking people are more virtuous than they turn out to be, but I think I randomly got lucky with my husband. Every once in awhile, I get lucky even in my naivete.

I am also thankful for all the play-time Katie and I had before her bath tonight. She is such an amazing little person. I love to see her invent games and to sing and laugh with happiness.

And I had the best conversation with Nana, too. I am so glad she is still here on this earth to give me advice and to remind me of what love really is and what we must do to keep a good heart. What a blessing that she is still here as I approach my 30th year---when I still have much to learn.

We turn our attention now to the rest of the week: Toastmasters tomorrow, yay!! I love this outlet. The theme of our meeting tomorrow is: peace and goodwill. How timely is that? I can't wait! Katie and I also have a special Christmas craft class tomorrow BEFORE Toastmasters. Busy, busy. Then some grocery shopping...

And then: our Ladies' Tea with the Matics/Ryba women to celebrate the joining of our families. David and Ashley moved yesterday, and they are getting all unpacked and settled in their new apartment, which looks like a resort. I can't wait to go see it in person. David finds the best places to live. There is no Buddhist retreat and preserve next door this time, but it's close! I love how they are choosing to decorate it, too. Very bright and modern and full of positive energy.

So life is truly good and I am thankful for all of it. I've been making sure I am caught up on my Gratitude Journal (which I have been keeping everyday for almost a year now), and I am staggered by how generous and good this life is. I have had so much to be thankful for, every single day. Not every day has been a paragon of delight, but there are spiritual, intangible, meatphysical gifts thrown in our laps everyday if we care to celebrate those and choose not to succumb to the bad. I am often humbled by how beautiful life is, even when it isn't. That may sound like a paradox, but it is the core of my belief and value system. Celebrate the good: good will last and "love covers over all wrongs."

May we always get the journeys we are ready to embrace and the challenges we need to become better people.