Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Little Helper

With the McGaugh party three days away, today was a bustle of activity. Katie and I shopped for the feast and then we came home and laundered and ironed all of our linens....and then set two of the three tables. (I do always launder them after an event, but some of the Christmas linens haven't been refreshed since the move). I have yet to do the kid's table, but I will probably do that tomorrow since I have to dig it out. I know it seems a bit early to set the tables, but it is the one task that doesn't have to go in the refridgerator. ;-) Plus, Friday has two events in addition to party-prep, so really, I have today and tomorrow to make substantial progress.

Katie was an angel all day. She sang "Jingle Bells" with me in the grocery store, and then she chatted with me while I ironed and played nearby while I got out all of the crystal and china. When the biggest table was formally set, she was so cute: she wanted to climb in my chair at the head of the table. She liked to sit there while I set one of the smaller tables. She was soooooooo good about being careful with all of the delicate pieces of the setting, but I wasn't reallyworried: she is conscientious and also, they are just things. It is more important to see her have fun in my chair and to feel like a big girl and to take delight in the process of setting the table.

Katie was especially excited when I asked her to hold one of the tablecloths for me!

My little helper is ready for the store!

And an extra, from the other day:

Katie and I were watching The Grinch and playing with our Play-Doh! Little Cindy Loo Who (pictured on screen) is "no more than two"----just about Katie's age! So, I thought this picture was symbolic.