Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bill's Birthday Weekend

For Bill's 61st birthday, we have had a weekend of celebrating! I told him we could do anything he wanted to do on Friday (his actual birthday), and he really wanted to stay home and watching some of the national meet in track and field. That ended up working out really well for me, since I needed some extra time to get his presents together, prep for his birthday party today (Saturday), and generally get my act together after a whirlwind week of testing, Katie's classes, working on the nursery, and Midsummer's Eve.

We did take a break from track in the afternoon for a very late lunch/early dinner. I usually cook for his birthday dinner and make his favorite meal, but this year we went out to Claim Jumper (where he could have a very good version of his favorite meal). We don't go out very often, so it was a real treat as a family.

Katie and Daddy smile and color at Daddy's birthday dinner.

Today we had Bill's birthday party with his brothers and sisters-in-law. Bill and Katie and I had such a good time visiting. We watched a little track, I talked with my sisters-in-law, Katie developed an adoration of Carly, and it was the perfect summer afternoon with people we love. We are thankful for this time we shared.

Carly and Katie play outside.

Katie took an immediate liking to Carly, holding her hand, leading her to special places in the yard. She wanted to sit with her and was sad when Carly had to go home. Carly was such a loving cousin, playing hide-n-seek and spending lots of time with her. After Carly left, Katie wanted me to pretend to be Carly. Later, she said she wondered if she could be a grown-up like Carly is. I told her that she would be a grown-up someday. There was something about Carly that Katie just clicked with---although I am not surprised, because I have always really liked Carly, too, and am excited when she is able to come to our events when she is home from school and always bummed when she isn't home. In fact, one of the first questions I always ask Bill when we're planning things is, "Will Carly be able to come?" She is easy to talk with and good-natured. There are lots of reasons why Katie has connected with different people, but this is the first time I have really seen her connect with someone because she was "looking up to" her and wanting to be like her. I think Carly is at that age where she is both a grown-up to Katie but also still youthful at heart---a magic combination to little girls, for sure. I remember times when I was younger and felt that way, too.

A present!

Uncle Pat and Uncle Seth.

Carly, Aunt Irma, Uncle Chet, and Bill.

Time for dessert.

Bill blows out the candle on his cherry cheesecake. We pretended he was turning "1" this year.

So, Happy Birthday my Oneness. You are loved by many people, and we hope you have had a great birthday weekend!