Monday, June 7, 2010

A Mother's Unabashed Post

Okay, I will just say it. I think Bill and I made a really beautiful child:

She is so lovely, inside and out. Sometimes when I look at her, she takes my breath away. Thank you, Uncle Tom, for capturing this moment at my brother's wedding. Copyright Tom Wilmshurst Photography.

Other goings-on at the ceremony:

During the reception, Katie loved swinging on the old oak tree, which made a really awesome canopy that she called "the forest." She is my little girly-girl tomboy. She has so many facets. I love her so much.

She loves her second-cousin Violet. Yesterday (Sunday, the day after the wedding) we were playing in the backyard and she said she wished she could play some more with Violet. I do wish we all lived closer so that they could be daily and weekly playmates, like my cousin (Violet's daddy) and I were. I love this picture, too, because I soooooooooooo much see my mom and Aunt Debbie in the two of their faces right here. My mom and her older sister are inseparable, and I wish Katie and Violet could have that together... I see that affection echoed here.

So I am definitely enamored of my firstborn child. It is no secret that I think she is completely amazing!