Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kd's Graduation

My youngest cousin, Kd Horne, is heading to University of Oregon this fall and we celebrated her high school graduation last night at her home in Vista. Our youngest cuzzie is now a college-girl! What? It seems like only yesterday that we were all so young, playing hide-n-seek around the grove, putting on that play for Grandpa in Hawaii, telling spooky stories around Grandpa's Rock...

My Aunt Diane had a great idea last night, and I am really considering starting on it. She suggested that we start compiling all of our family stories and anecdotes, and we have many! Kd found some old picture albums a few weeks ago, and looking at those photographs brought back so many memories. Having a huge family has been a blessing beyond belief. I hope we always stay close. Kd once said that we were all cousins by family, but friends and more like sisters and brothers by choice. It's true. It is the biggest credit to our parents (all four pair of them) that they have given us this foundation and that they made sure to secure it for us when we were small. How many cousins are as fortunate as we are? No matter where we go or how long the hours in between, we are bonded forever by the memories we shared on Grandpa's land, running wild and free.

Since I have some pictures already posted on Facebook, I think I will keep this blog to text-only. We had such a fun night celebrating Kd. Aunt Donna and Uncle Rich offered a delicious feast, much to Katie's liking as well. Katie loved playing with her cousins (I really think of them as cousins to her even though they are second-cousins). Kd and Katie share a love for dancing, and we also played outside before much of the party arrived. Katie ran across the backyard singing Disney princess songs with her arms open wide. Kd showed us her bedding for college and some of the other items she is collecting before her send-off in September. What an exciting time!

The party began at 7:00, and so we didn't get home until nearly 11:00, but Katie settled in and went right to sleep after a bath and a couple of stories. She was Miss Social Butterfly last night, which I have been noticing more and more. She has become more confident in herself and in the ways she approaches people. I love knowing that she feels so safe. I am always right there, but I love seeing her feel the freedom of venturing on her own a bit. Of course, my cousins and aunts and uncles also make her feel comfortable and happy and are growing more and more familiar to her. We cannot wait to spend more time with everyone this holiday weekend!

Also, we started swimming lessons on Monday. We'll have them daily for awhile. I am happy to see the cloud cover burning off more quickly this morning as I write this. Katie is fearless when it comes to the water, and we've been enjoying ourselves.

I was able to make it back to Toastmasters yesterday (it is has been two weeks since my last attendance). I have missed seeing everyone!

Today we're going just to swim lessons and then have an around-the-house day. Tomorrow is again dynamic: gymnastics, swim, OB appointment, Dad's birthday party!