Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dance Class and Bear Claws

Even though we have been entertaining the idea of devoting our resources (time and finances) exclusively to gymnastics, Katie had so much fun at dance class today that we are considering maintaining a commitment to both sports for the time being. We might do another city-contracted class with TVCD focused more on ballet next fall and see how it goes. As a parent, you want to be able to give your child every opportunity, and watching them get joy out of something is inspiring. We don't want to spread Katie (or ourselves, schedule-wise, once Eric is born), but I love watching her soak up experiences and become more self-aware through those experiences.

Dance class:
Students received a pair of butterfly wings today to learn new choreography for the "butterfly dance."

Stretching before the butterfly dance.

Katie discovered "Ballet Cat" on the wall when she went to use the big girl potty at the studio. She is doing SO well with her potty training. And she loves Ballet Cat.

On the dance floor.

Listening to Miss Holly. Poms in the air! The poms were fun today!

On tip-toes with poms.

Ready to leave after dance class.
Home again, we fueled up on parfaits made with yogurt, Temecula blueberries, strawberries, and Temecula honey.
We then made our almond-filling for our bear claws so that it could chill while we went about the rest of the day.

Katie holds the almond paste, which she discovered that she loves.

Zesting the lemon into the filling mixture.
With the filling made and chilling in the fridge, we worked on puzzles out of the puzzle magazine that Nana sent to us. One puzzle had eight pictures of pizza slices, most slightly different. We had to find the two that were the same. We did a think-aloud together and used the process of elimination to arrive at the answer. In the middle of this process, Katie said, "Mommy, you are a good teacher." BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!! I told her, "Katie, you are a super student." I love teaching her. And she loves to learn and solve puzzles. We finished the pizza puzzle and moved on to another puzzler.
At this point, Amie came over and we went to Home Depot to match paint chips to Eric's wallpaper. (We're using two media on his walls). We now have everything ready to decorate his walls, which will commence in the next few days. That is very exciting. Once the walls are done, I will narrow down the bedding choices and choose a couple more pieces of furniture.
Home again, Amie played with Katie while I fixed us a snack and tidied up a bit. Katie and I then set ourselves to the fun task of finishing our bear claws.

Katie preps the dough for rolling.

We place the filling in the center of three wide strips.

Katie was in charge of the cutting today (with supervision of course).
Boppa came over to drop off a couple of books right as we were finishing the egg white wash and sugaring of the claws. Katie exclaimed, "I didn't know Boppa was due when we cooked." I did a double take over her rather elevated use of "was due" but indeed, that's what she said! She and Boppa had a play-fest with Play-Doh while the bear claws cooked in batches. Now we're winding up for the night.
What a busy day!